Friday, July 5, 2013

Skin Food: My first experience

Today during my lunch I headed out to the mall and visited for the first time ever a SKINFOOD store. I had passed by this store hundreds of times but never bother to go in . Last Night for some strange reason I yelped them and found nothing but positive reviews and girls just raving about the products. As I looked more into it I found out that this store is from KOREA  I have always wanted to try skincare products from KOREA. Today I finally went into the store, it is very organized and clean, I was greeted by one of the attendants and was asked what my skin concern was? I told her that it was my first time there and that I have acne allot of acne. She then proceeded with her recommendations. I bought two things: 1) Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam (15.20) and 2) Parsley and Mandarin Cream (19.50). As I checked out I asked her for some samples, everyone online said that they were very generous with samples. I received 5 small samples of Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream and 1 Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel. I thought that was nice. The only thing that I didn’t like was their return policy which seems a bit strict. They accept returns/exchanges within 14 days of purchase, but it the container must be unopened. So I am excited to try these products over the weekend, I will update my post later with the results if any (fingers crossed).