Friday, July 5, 2013

Skin Food: My first experience

Today during my lunch I headed out to the mall and visited for the first time ever a SKINFOOD store. I had passed by this store hundreds of times but never bother to go in . Last Night for some strange reason I yelped them and found nothing but positive reviews and girls just raving about the products. As I looked more into it I found out that this store is from KOREA  I have always wanted to try skincare products from KOREA. Today I finally went into the store, it is very organized and clean, I was greeted by one of the attendants and was asked what my skin concern was? I told her that it was my first time there and that I have acne allot of acne. She then proceeded with her recommendations. I bought two things: 1) Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam (15.20) and 2) Parsley and Mandarin Cream (19.50). As I checked out I asked her for some samples, everyone online said that they were very generous with samples. I received 5 small samples of Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream and 1 Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel. I thought that was nice. The only thing that I didn’t like was their return policy which seems a bit strict. They accept returns/exchanges within 14 days of purchase, but it the container must be unopened. So I am excited to try these products over the weekend, I will update my post later with the results if any (fingers crossed).

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mac: Tropical Taboo Collection Summer 2013


The Long Awaited Tropical Taboo Collection is finally available online through the MAC website, it came out earlier than expected.  This collection will hit Macy’s on Thursday 6/27/2013! As for Nordstrom it ‘s suppose to come out on 7/5/2013 .  Make Sure you check with your local store on the release date and share what you purchase.

Lip Pencils: ($15.00)
Ablaze (bright apricot)
Have to Have It (soft warm beige)
Heroine (bright purple)
Hip N Happy (dirty blue pink)

Mineralize Eye shadow: ($21.00)
Bossa Blue (royal blue with brown pearlized pigments)
Caribbean (rose with pink and red pearlized pigments)
Cha-Cha-Cha (deep blue green with green pearlized pigments) 
Dare to Bare (light cream with gold pearlized pigments) 
Tropica (silver blue with purple)
Time to Tango (lavender with silver pearlized pigments)

Mineralize Blushes: ($25.00)
Sweet Samba (dark pink with tan pearlized pigments),
Exotic Ember (orange with bronze pearlized pigments), 
Simmer (burnt rose with peach/gold pearlized pigments).

Mineralize Skin finishes: ($30.00)
Adored (coral with light beige pearlized pigments)
Gold Deposit (soft reflective golden bronze)
Lust (pale pink with cranberry pearlized pigments)
Rio (bronze with bright pink pearlized pigments)
Soft’n Gentle (gilded peach bronze)


Mineralize Lipsticks: ($22.00)
Luxe Naturale (light beige cream)
Divine Choice (mid-tone cool pink cream)
Lady at Play (mid-tone cool tangerine)
Glamour Era (mid-tone warm brown frost)
Midnight Mambo (intense violet)
Cremesheen Glass: ($20.00)
Calypso Beat (pale neutral pink)
Fever Isle (bright red coral)
Japanese Spring (pale mid-tone pink)
Narcissus (mid-tone eggplant)

WOW!! that's a big collection, take your time and read through the descriptions or google it and make sure to get things you will use on a regular basis that way you can get your money's worth. :P

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mac: RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection 2013

Rihanna Released about 1 month ago her version of Ruby Woo “RIRI WOO” it was only available online, and yes it sold out in less than 3hrs!! Mac and Rihanna have teamed up and will be releasing her collection throughout the year. The summer part will be sold online, The other will be in stores in the fall. RiRi woo seems to be in all of the collections just in case you missed it you will have the chance to eventually pick it up. The summer part of her collection is going to be selling online this 6/18 Tuesday online only!!!

Lipstick ($15.00)
  • RiRi Woo Matte cool red (Retro Matte)
  • RiRi Boy Matte vivid lavender (Retro Matte)
  • Heaux Matte berry (Retro Matte)
Powder Blush Duo ($26.00)
  • Hibiscus Kiss Cool coral blush and matte neutral bronze duo
Lustre Drops ($20.00)
  • Barbados Girl Rose gold bronzer


Monday, June 10, 2013

Small target run

Just got back from target with my husband we baught some snacks for the house, and I rushed to the beauty aisle I have roots showing and my brows look dark time to pick up a hair dye, yes I dye my own hair. Ever since I could remember I've always colored my own hair. As I was checking out and I saw these Nivea two pack of lip care it was $3.99 I got them because it has SPF and a hint of shimmer..

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mac All about Orange collection

Hi everyone on Thursday I woke up early in the morning, and headed to my local Macy’s they open at 10AM I got their at 10:04 am and 4 girls were already scouting the collection!! I was only going to get the Flamingo lipstick because I saw the collection online and that was the only color that I was attracted to. As soon as I got to see the collection in person it was another story I ended up getting 3 lipsticks and 1 blush.I know this is limited edition and allot of the things have sold out, but like I always say definitely try the department stores because they restock and usually have some. Good Luck!

Overall I am excited and know that I will use these products on an everyday basis and don’t feel that it was just a meaningless purchase in where you buy something just because it is limited edition and might not even use it .

Mac Royal Sunset Blush ($21@macy’s) this blush is a satin finish, the color is a warm pink with a hint of coral peachy tone. Please note this blush n the store when I touched it and swatched it on it felt very powdery kind of cakey, I still purchased because the color was beautiful, but please don’t be fooled once this is applied with a brush it glides on the skin and looks very natural ,glowy and soft. I actually was shocked it’s kind of weird, how that plays out this is one you can’t miss. 

royal sunset1
Mac Lipstick In Flamingo ($15) This is a Lustre finish, it is a soft pink with a hint of coral, and a nice natural sheen finish to it,very hydrating didn’t dry out my lips.Very natural you can wear this to work and as an everyday color.This lasts about 2 hours for me.
Mac Lipstick In Neon Orange ($15@macy’s) This is an amplified finish, it’s a vibrant orange with red tones, it has full coverage very creamy and hydrating on the lips. This color is very pigmented and might be scary for some but my husband said it was his favorite.I liked how hydrating it is and how it transforms your face automatically.This lasts about 4-5 hrs for me.
neon orange1

Mac Lipstick in Sushi Kiss ($15@macy’s) is a satin finish, it is a light medium peachy orange with warm tones.It leaves you with a natural sheen, it has strong pigmentation and it is opaque, it was creamy but it did settle in the lines and made my lips a bit dry, wear this with lip balm, I absolutely liked this color because it’s resembles a  nude without being a nude. It’s a unique shade wish it wouldn't dry my lips and then it would be perfect. This lasts 4-5 hrs for me.
sushi kiss1

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mac Lipstick: Ravishing

Ravishing ($15 @Nordstrom's) this is a cremesheen formula. The color is a light coral orange. The color is very pigmented and opaque. It is not dry at all, and it glides on easily. I wore this for a good 3-4 hours, before having to reapply. I like this color because I had been looking this type of shade but I wanted something that I could wear throughout the day and not look too orange,this is just the perfect natural  light clean peachy coral shade.
ravishing 1

Mac Lipstick Finishes

So you go to the  Mac makeup Counters and find yourself  overwhelmed by all the lipstick colors and finishes, what are the differences? Well I tried looking at the company’s website and it tells you what finish the color is but it doesn’t tell you a description of that finish. Weird!and not helpful.  here is a list of the finishes.

Crèmesheen= This is the most popular finish, it is very moisturizing .This has both the strong pigmentation of a lipstick with the glossy finish of a lip-gloss. It is a very creamy formula that doesn’t dry out your lips. There are over 25 shades under this finish, so allot of choices and  chances are you will own more than 1.

Amplified Crème = This is a very pigmented finish and close to that of the cremesheen formula but less hydrating. There are over 20 shades under this finish, so again allot of choices.

Amplified= This is a highly pigmented formula.These colors are very similar to the matte finishes but less drying. This finish has no sheen or shimmer, just a strong color. There are a few shades in this finish.

Frost=  This is a finish that provides a pearl effect “frosty look” I would suggest going to the store and swatching them on your hand because this finish on different shades looks shimmery and some look like a satin feel to it and some look matte I would swatch or Google the lipstick you are interested in.There are over 28 different shades to choose from.

Glaze= This finish on the  lips is very sheer more of a tint, the only one I own is in the shade hue, there are less than 10 different shades to choose from.

Lustre= This finish is more pigmented than the glaze,good color payoff, reminds me of a lip stain it has a glossy soft finish. It gives a semi  lip-gloss appearance. There are over 25 different shades to choose from.

Matte= One of the nicest finishes but can be drying on the lips.The color is very pigmented and lasts a long time,  This finish is not shiny, not glossy just matte. I would recommend using some lip balm 1 hr. before applying this lipstick finish to avoid the chapped lips. There are over 15 different shades to choose from.

Satin=  This finish is semi-matte.Is not as drying as the matte formula, it’s a nice finish the lipsticks are very pigmented, makes the lips look soft, again I would use a strong lip balm before applying this. The color also lasts a long time. I usually just apply it once a day and I'm good for the day. There are over 20 different shades to choose from.

Mac Lipstick: Pink Nouveau

Pink Nouveau ($15 @macy’s) it’s a medium pink with blue undertones, because of the blue undertones it will make your teeth appear whiter.It has no shine just a strong medium pink, it kind of reminds me of a  bubblegum shade.  It is a satin finish lipstick which tends to dry out the lips, I only wear this type of formulation when my lips are in good shape, or it will make it worse. It does settle in the lines, try applying a lip balm 1 hr. before applying this just to get your lips nice and hydrated.

Side Note: I used two different parts of my arm to swatch, I usually get a spray tan, you can see how it looks on my regular skin color and a tan skin color, hope this helps in making the decision if this is a color for you.
pink nouveau21

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mac Lipstick: Fanfare

 I wanted to do a review of one of my pick me up lipsticks. I was just not in the mood to put on any makeup, I received some bad news earlier. ANYWHO I reached for my Fanfare Lipstick and let’s just say it made me smile for the rest of the day.  Fanfare ($15 @macy’s) is in the  cremesheen family which is very creamy and moisturizing, the color is a midtone-pink. It looks bright, but it flatters my natural lip color.If you do add this color to your small collection, I hope it makes you smile.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Mac Temperature Rising Powder Blush: Hot Nights

I decided on Hot Nights ($23.00@nordstrom) The color is described as a berry pink, it is a very pigmented pink. On the pan you can see some shimmery pigments, however the color goes on smoothly and gives the skin a nice sheen.The texture of the powder is very soft and fine. I really like the color and I feel you can really play with it using a light or heavy hand.Hot Nights is a color that will suit allot of skin tones.You can always swatch it at the store and try the powder on yourself,just make sure you look at different mirrors in the mac counter under different lighting before you purchase. Remember it is limited edition so it usually sells out fast. Let me know what you think, drop a comment.

Brushes: I used the Sonia Kashuk No.123 brush (@target $8.99)

hot nights1

Right Here I used a heavier hand 
hot nights21

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational: Born with it

Maybelline Color sensational  in the shade: 015 born with it ($5.50@ target) this is a soft pink with shimmer. The color is very shimmery but it works with the pink. It is very creamy and didn’t dry my lips. The color lasted about 4 hours and I really liked how soft it felt,kind of like a lip balm. I will definitely try another one and for the price you can’t go wrong.Let me know what you think.
born with it1

Essie:Shop till I drop & Splash of Grenadine

 I stopped by Ulta and purchased two nail polishes. I was looking for some nice and bright summer colors. I purchased Essie’s Shop till I drop and Splash of Grenadine ($8.00 each @ulta w/20%coupon).

Shop till I drop is a soft pink coral cream, it  resembles a salmon shade.I used 3 coats of polish.
Splash of Grenadine is a soft magenta pink, it looks both purple and pink it’s my new favorite color. I had been searching for a nail polish that mixed both colors and this did just perfectly. I only had to use 2 coats of polish.

Both colors are very pretty and I was happy I got to use the coupon, I went ahead and attached the link to where I got the coupon if you have a chance swing by your local Ulta and take advantage of the coupon.
Here’s the link:


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mac Temperature Rising Pro Long wear Bronzing Powder :sun dipped

The new Mac Temperature Rising Collection from Mac hit the stores in the US on May 23, Nordstrom had the collection available in stores on 5/22 (1 day earlier). MAC Sun Dipped Pro Long wear Bronzing Powder ($30.00 for 0.42 oz.) on the mac webpage it's described as a  "dirty red tone". I don't see it, it's actually more of a a warm-toned dark brown with a hint of gold shimmer dust. I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase it because once I actually saw the color in person it looked a bit grayish and plain. Once I got home and tried it it’s a love hate relationship.  The color looks shimmery in the pan but once applied the shimmer fades. I used it to contour and it gave my skin a nice and summery glow.Yet I feel the color is not that strong and I am very light and had trouble with the color I Had to apply it a few times so I could see it,I then applied some blush to enhance the look. I am very happy with this purchase the color is very natural and doesn't look orange. This is the perfect color for light to light medium skin tones.So go ahead and try it out it’s a nice add on to the collection and remember it’s only available for a limited amount of time.

I am using:
Foundation: MAC studio fix Fluid Foundation in NC 15 and in the summer I add a little NC 20 ($27.00@ Macy’s)
Blush: Mac Peaches ($21.00@ nordstrom)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mac Saint Germain Lipstick Review

Mac is synonymous for their lipsticks.  
Mac Saint Germain ($15 for 3 g / 0.1 US oz) it is an amplified creme, on the mac site it is described as a pastel pink. This is a very pale pale pink it has blue undertones which help make your smile brighter.I was overwhelmed by this color it was far to loud for my taste, however I can see why so many girls love it it's very beautiful. I would recommend just applying on your upper lip and smack your lips together and with the finger blend out the color. I wore it the whole day and it lasted about 4 hours. It was not drying on my lips surprisingly. I just didn't feel comfortable walking around with this color but don't get me wrong it looks nice on other girls.
Dupe: NYX Strawberry Milk Lipstick ($4.99@ ulta)

I Paired with NYX Lipliner in DollyPink ($2.00 @ulta during a sale) and Mac Clear LipGlass ($15.00)
                                                     2013-05-23 19.42.00

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi Girls <3 this is my first time blogging and I wanted to give an Intro as to what you can expect from my posts. I have always liked makeup since I was a young. You can expect from me honest reviews and recommendations. I have a full time job, go to school and do makeup appointments on the weekends. I am also a  wife and mom. Makeup is a form of art, I see this as therapy from a busy and stressful life, sharing the love for makeup and assisting clients look the best they can.