Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mac All about Orange collection

Hi everyone on Thursday I woke up early in the morning, and headed to my local Macy’s they open at 10AM I got their at 10:04 am and 4 girls were already scouting the collection!! I was only going to get the Flamingo lipstick because I saw the collection online and that was the only color that I was attracted to. As soon as I got to see the collection in person it was another story I ended up getting 3 lipsticks and 1 blush.I know this is limited edition and allot of the things have sold out, but like I always say definitely try the department stores because they restock and usually have some. Good Luck!

Overall I am excited and know that I will use these products on an everyday basis and don’t feel that it was just a meaningless purchase in where you buy something just because it is limited edition and might not even use it .

Mac Royal Sunset Blush ($21@macy’s) this blush is a satin finish, the color is a warm pink with a hint of coral peachy tone. Please note this blush n the store when I touched it and swatched it on it felt very powdery kind of cakey, I still purchased because the color was beautiful, but please don’t be fooled once this is applied with a brush it glides on the skin and looks very natural ,glowy and soft. I actually was shocked it’s kind of weird, how that plays out this is one you can’t miss. 

royal sunset1
Mac Lipstick In Flamingo ($15) This is a Lustre finish, it is a soft pink with a hint of coral, and a nice natural sheen finish to it,very hydrating didn’t dry out my lips.Very natural you can wear this to work and as an everyday color.This lasts about 2 hours for me.
Mac Lipstick In Neon Orange ($15@macy’s) This is an amplified finish, it’s a vibrant orange with red tones, it has full coverage very creamy and hydrating on the lips. This color is very pigmented and might be scary for some but my husband said it was his favorite.I liked how hydrating it is and how it transforms your face automatically.This lasts about 4-5 hrs for me.
neon orange1

Mac Lipstick in Sushi Kiss ($15@macy’s) is a satin finish, it is a light medium peachy orange with warm tones.It leaves you with a natural sheen, it has strong pigmentation and it is opaque, it was creamy but it did settle in the lines and made my lips a bit dry, wear this with lip balm, I absolutely liked this color because it’s resembles a  nude without being a nude. It’s a unique shade wish it wouldn't dry my lips and then it would be perfect. This lasts 4-5 hrs for me.
sushi kiss1