Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mac Lipstick: Pink Nouveau

Pink Nouveau ($15 @macy’s) it’s a medium pink with blue undertones, because of the blue undertones it will make your teeth appear whiter.It has no shine just a strong medium pink, it kind of reminds me of a  bubblegum shade.  It is a satin finish lipstick which tends to dry out the lips, I only wear this type of formulation when my lips are in good shape, or it will make it worse. It does settle in the lines, try applying a lip balm 1 hr. before applying this just to get your lips nice and hydrated.

Side Note: I used two different parts of my arm to swatch, I usually get a spray tan, you can see how it looks on my regular skin color and a tan skin color, hope this helps in making the decision if this is a color for you.
pink nouveau21