Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mac Lipstick Finishes

So you go to the  Mac makeup Counters and find yourself  overwhelmed by all the lipstick colors and finishes, what are the differences? Well I tried looking at the company’s website and it tells you what finish the color is but it doesn’t tell you a description of that finish. Weird!and not helpful.  here is a list of the finishes.

Crèmesheen= This is the most popular finish, it is very moisturizing .This has both the strong pigmentation of a lipstick with the glossy finish of a lip-gloss. It is a very creamy formula that doesn’t dry out your lips. There are over 25 shades under this finish, so allot of choices and  chances are you will own more than 1.

Amplified Crème = This is a very pigmented finish and close to that of the cremesheen formula but less hydrating. There are over 20 shades under this finish, so again allot of choices.

Amplified= This is a highly pigmented formula.These colors are very similar to the matte finishes but less drying. This finish has no sheen or shimmer, just a strong color. There are a few shades in this finish.

Frost=  This is a finish that provides a pearl effect “frosty look” I would suggest going to the store and swatching them on your hand because this finish on different shades looks shimmery and some look like a satin feel to it and some look matte I would swatch or Google the lipstick you are interested in.There are over 28 different shades to choose from.

Glaze= This finish on the  lips is very sheer more of a tint, the only one I own is in the shade hue, there are less than 10 different shades to choose from.

Lustre= This finish is more pigmented than the glaze,good color payoff, reminds me of a lip stain it has a glossy soft finish. It gives a semi  lip-gloss appearance. There are over 25 different shades to choose from.

Matte= One of the nicest finishes but can be drying on the lips.The color is very pigmented and lasts a long time,  This finish is not shiny, not glossy just matte. I would recommend using some lip balm 1 hr. before applying this lipstick finish to avoid the chapped lips. There are over 15 different shades to choose from.

Satin=  This finish is semi-matte.Is not as drying as the matte formula, it’s a nice finish the lipsticks are very pigmented, makes the lips look soft, again I would use a strong lip balm before applying this. The color also lasts a long time. I usually just apply it once a day and I'm good for the day. There are over 20 different shades to choose from.